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A high calibre network of economic experts and creative minds with a global mission: to
drive a new equilibrium within our
economic system.

Who we are

Equilibrium Futures was
founded by Andrew Mitchell to
help lead emerging thinking
within the financial sector on
rebalancing impacts and
dependencies on natural capital.
We work with governments,
corporates and intermediaries
that help create economic
growth, whilst ensuring
sustainable and climate-resilient

Within the financial sector, Equilibrium Futures advises on the design and development of ESG strategies to reduce the impact of unsustainable investment and lending and to increase finance for emerging green opportunities.


“At Patagonia, making a profit is not the goal because as the Zen
master would say profits happen ‘when you do everything else right’.”

― Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman.

We are all increasingly aware
that nature is the foundation
that sustains us and our
economies. Our planet’s natural
elements of earth, water, air and
energy create stocks and flows
that underpin the global
economic system. Equilibrium
Futures is actively creating an
informed consciousness of the
dependency and impact on
nature of the financial markets.

We partner with forward thinking business leaders who
recognise that a company’s license to operate will
increasingly be associated with responsible stewardship
of human, social and natural capital. Working with
businesses and organisations, our strategic consultancy
services build greater awareness and understanding,
and help to catalyse commitment and renewed action.
“At Patagonia, making a profit is not the goal because as the Zen
master would say profits happen ‘when you do everything else right’.”

― Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman.


Andrew and his team advise governments,
the financial sector and family offices on their
emerging dependency and impacts linked to the
environment and on the sustainable finance strategies,
metrics and tools needed to capture new opportunities
and increase resilience.


Andrew has spent the last
sixteen years working with
leaders on policy, supply
chain risks, and innovative
finance systems linked to
sustainability. He is an
international thought
leader and communicator
on natural capital, climate
change and tropical forests.

Andrew Mitchell formed Equilibrium Futures in 2016 to advise the financial sector, corporations and governments on new economic thinking that takes account of economic external factors and the impacts and dependencies of the economy on natural capital.

For over a decade, Andrew has been a pioneer in developing innovative credit lines for banks and landscape bonds for capital markets, primarily in Latin America and SE Asia. He works with governments, companies and the financial sector to develop the scientific, political and business case for safeguarding natural capital that underpins water, food, energy, health and climate security, locally and globally.

He has forty years experience in conservation. He is the Emeritus Rufford Fellow in Environmental Understanding at Oxford University and for seven years was a Research Fellow in its Zoology Department.

In 2015 he received India’s Ashoka Trust Award for
services to forest canopy science and for his successful
efforts to include forests in the UN Climate regime.
Since founding the think tank Global Canopy
Programme at Oxford in 2001, he has focussed on the
inclusion of forests in the 2015 Paris Climate
Agreement, reducing the impact of global supply chains
on natural capital and on designing innovative public-
private finance instruments, such as green bonds, for
climate smart agriculture.
Since 2012 his focus has been on catalysing a
transformation within the financial sector towards
greater understanding of its impacts and dependencies
on natural capital and realising opportunities for green

In 2019, Andrew established Equilibrium Futures in
Jersey in the Channel Islands, where he was born. This is now the centre of operations for all the activities of the company worldwide.

Andrew is also an award winning author and editor of the “Little Book of Investing in Nature” series


Del Valle

Christian co-founded Mirova
Natural Capital and Athelia
Funds, an investment platform
seen as defining new finance-
based solutions to climate
change and conservation.

Christian is available to advise Equilibrium Futures
on emerging trends in conservation policy 
and science. 



James is an industry expert in
climate risk, having set up the
world’s first climate change
hedge fund in 2007.

James has worked for business and not-for-profits advising
international companies and the finance community on
the impact of climate change and natural capital on
investments. He led investor relations for the Carbon
Disclosure Project, now CDP.



Luciane is a lawyer with 20
years’ experience in Latin
America and at the Central Bank
of Brazil. She is an expert in
sustainable finance and
consensus building with a track
record of training international
finance teams.

An international speaker on connectivity between the 
financial system and sustainable development, Luciane
is also a published author on best practices in
sustainable development within finance, and is actively
involved in training, research and advocacy.


GriggM.A., M.Phil

Annelisa is a sustainability
expert and was formerly a
consultant with accounting
firm KPMG.

20 years of experience including as Principal Specialist
at the UN Environment’s World Conservation Monitoring
Centre and also Director of international environmental
group, Fauna & Flora International’s corporate
biodiversity partnerships unit. She has a track record in
advising blue chip companies on the development and
application of risk and opportunity tools, corporate
benchmarking, socially responsible investment and
corporate reporting and disclosure.
Alison Jones



Alison is a project
and operations manager
with over 15 years' experience
in environmental and
sustainability fields.

With a background in consultancy and NGOs,
Alison brings together diverse stakeholders for better
project outcomes. As a former operations director,
she is a firm believer in data smart projects,
driven by the strategic context. She champions
collaboration to put nature and people at the
core of what organisations do.
Alison Jones


Fluency with words is Sarah’s
passion, aligned with the
patience of a saint and a way
with people that only those who
have worked with her will

Sarah is a natural communicator with a track record of
testimonials from CEOs, founders and international
brands. She has a deep understanding of culture and
character, ensuring that beautifully written copy in
narrative, brand rationale or campaign form will
with the audience, often using her language
skills to sharpen messaging in a global context.


Ben is a conjuring
creative with a deep
technical knowledge
gathered over 20+ years.

Ben’s work includes brand and content strategies with
Google, Premiership football clubs, black ops divisions of
the MoD, rebranding islands, regenerating Parisian retailers,
start-ups, working alongside businesses striving to be the
biggest lifestyle brands in the world, establishing collaborative
partnerships globally, supported by award-winning design
solutions and film production in the UK and Europe whilst
maintaining a strong Studio Culture.



During the past 12
years Matt, an award-
winning Royal
Photographer, has
been fortunate
enough to work with a
plethora of different
brands, businesses,
couples and families
in some of the most
beautiful locations
around the world.

Working alongside a collective of like-minded,
passionate, hardworking thinkers at The Studio_M Matt’s
aim is to produce images that will inspire you, on time
and on budget. He seeks captivating stories, and
combines these with compelling visual imagery that
delivers tailored creative that best represents
your brand.
Equilibrium Futures associate network comprises
a wide range of experts from the UK and around
the world that specialise in all aspects of natural
capital. This allows us to tailor the team
specifically to your needs.