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The Earth Dialogues

The latest climate science has a clear and loud message. It is possible to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C. But to do so, the GHG emissions must be slashed in half during the next decade, and the world must achieve net-zero carbon emissions globally no later than 2050. However, not all pledges are equal and backed by robust plans.


The Earth Dialogues is a series of 90 min. virtual conversations on relevant topics having currency and on-ground applicability to come up with solutions to challenges in the field of sustainability while conversing with global leaders in the specific fields of climate science, entrepreneurship, finance, policy, law, research and futurism. The goal of the Earth Dialogues is to create a knowledge exchange for all things sustainable focused through conversations on understanding and developing best practices and innovations. The dialogues will also explore the potential social, environmental, and economic benefits that innovative finance can bring to developing countries around the world.


The Earth Dialogues, hosted by the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet (GASP) at Climate Week NYC 2022, aims to have a dialogue revolving around Net Zero challenges and opportunities.

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