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Podcast: Money For Good – Episode 01: Jersey

Equilibrium Futures - Money for Good Podcast series episode 01 Jersey
Equilibrium Futures – Money for Good Podcast: Episode 001 Jersey


Listen to our latest podcast, marking the launch of ‘Jersey For Good’, a new Sustainable Finance Strategy, Vision and Pathway to 2030, produced for Jersey Finance by the Equilibrium Futures team.

Jersey has always been a small island with a big voice, as you’ll hear in this podcast. As a finance centre, more than a trillion dollars of money is managed through the island. Why? Well Jersey’s very good on the G or Governance of ESG. But what about the E in ESG? A few years ago, many people didn’t think that the environment was very important when it came to investing. But that’s all changing. The global emergence of sustainable finance seeks to put the eco back into economy, because after all, we all need to ensure we’re not financing ourselves into extinction.

So what would a sustainable finance vision for Jersey look like, and what kind of a pathway will the island’s financial services industry need to get there? In this podcast you’ll find out more about Jersey For Good, the sustainable strategy Equilibrium Futures produced for Jersey’s finance industry. You’ll also learn what vision, leadership, and education is required to begin actioning a sustainable strategy for your own organisation. or family office, and the new opportunities awaiting those leaders who can get ahead of the wave. 

Listen to Andrew Mitchell, Equilibrium Futures founder, as he explores the vision for a sustainable finance industry in Jersey, and the opportunities available for today’s Natural Capitalists.