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Discover the ideas and insights
that are accelerating a new
equilibrium between natural capital
and financial capital.


Equilibrium Insights

Climate Change: Can money stop deforestation
Rampant deforestation has driven economic growth, but accelerates climate change. How do you put a price on trees, to make them worth more alive than dead?
Nature+ Accelerator Fund
Private investment is a crucial piece of conservation finance funding gap    The nature conservation funding gap is estimated to be US$ 600-800 billion per year. Current levels of government and philanthropic funding are insufficient to address the conservation funding deficit to support conservation…
EXXON and Guyana’s green economy – an equilibrium paradox
EXXON has recently discovered what is rumoured to be the world's 6th largest oil reserve, 132 miles off Guyana's coast. Now it is the big new game in town, in a country with a weak government and 80% of its rainforests intact.…
Landscape GreenBonds: An emerging new asset class?
Publication date 09/09/2017 The green bond market is growing fast but remains a small component of the bonds universe. According to the Climate Bonds Initiative 2016 Report, 'labelled' green bonds accounted for US$118 Bn of the market which is in turn…
  Big cats are more than just beautiful. They represent the issues we need to address, the inspiration we need to tackle them, and the innovation we need to overcome them. Big cats mean big assets, big opportunities, big biodiversity, and…
Key Talks at COP 26
Ahead of the Conference, Equilibrium's founder Andrew Mitchell, was appointed Vice Chair of the TNFD Stewardship Council. Hear from TNFD Taskforce Members, Co-Chairs and Executive Director in these recordings of key TNFD-relevant events at COP 26: ‘“Next Big Thing” in Green Finance: Valuing…
PODCAST Don’t Mess with Nature: Banking on Nature
Join me on this conversational expedition through nature and finance, in the latest episode of my podcast entitled Banking on Nature. It's a tale of two governors of the Bank of England; William Paterson, the first Governor of the Bank of England…
The UK’s Dasgupta Review shows how we can avoid financing our way to extinction
COMMENT: Andrew Mitchell explains why solving the data gap is critical to unlocking a flood of money towards a nature-positive economy. Published in Reuters, 16th February 2021 The impact of nature on portfolios rose rapidly up the finance sector agenda in…