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Global sustainability strategies
and solutions for today’s
forward thinking organisations.

If we do not change the
movement of money, we will
finance ourselves into

Andrew Mitchell
Founder, Equilibrium Futures


Working with businesses, organisations and governments, our strategic advisory services build greater awareness and understanding, and help to catalyse commitment and renewed action.



Advising Leaders Sustainable Strategies Impact Investing
ESG Risk Family Offices Communications
The world needs leaders to fundamentally change how
we create value in the systems that sustain us.

We work with CEOs, senior management and wider teams to accelerate this process, co-designing new
business models to deliver purpose and advance sustainable development goals within their
organisation. We enable them to lead system changes that benefit their people, the planet 
and their sectors, delivering strategies that can become embedded in an organisation’s 
core thinking.

Advising Leaders Sustainable Strategies Impact Investing
ESG Risk Family Offices Communications
We architect, develop and advise on policies and
strategies at board level to increase an organisation’s
resilience in the face of emerging ESG risks and opportunities.
From corporates and financial institutions to entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors and family offices,
our policies are tailored to individual needs and apply intelligence on emerging regulatory
and policy developments that will impact business in the future.
Advising Leaders Sustainable Strategies Impact Investing
ESG Risk Family Offices Communications

If you look inside most financial data terminals, you won’t find much information on social or natural capital to help you make informed, forward thinking decisions.

So what tools are available? We introduce the growing range of portfolio screening and
environmental stress testing tools across carbon, water, supply chains and energy that are
coming onstream. Please note, Equilibrium Futures is not regulated by the FSA and does
not provide advisory services linked to regulated activities. 

Advising Leaders Sustainable Strategies Impact Investing
ESG Risk Family Offices Communications

Institutions and companies are increasingly being held to 
account for their ESG performance.

We help you and your team understand emerging risks related to sustainable finance and
natural capital and the future opportunities to be gained by enlightened strategies. We offer insights into future regulation,
money laundering and environmental crime and their potential to change compliance regimes, and help organisations of every size develop methods to benchmark their performance.

Advising Leaders Sustainable Strategies Impact Investing
ESG Risk Family Offices Communications
Impact investing is high on the list of next generation
of leaders. But they need the support of the current
leadership team to craft a space for them while
building their own vision and legacy for the business.
We offer a roadmap for forward-thinking family offices to help build solid investment cases
that align well with next generation thinking. We have worked with family offices from Monaco
and Zurich, to Jersey and London, guiding families to define their purpose and advising
on tools to help them meet their objectives.
Advising Leaders Sustainable Strategies Impact Investing
ESG Risk Family Offices Communications

With the accelerating drive for sustainable finance and sustainability,
how can you take advantage of the opportunities to position yourself as a leader?

We work with all types of organisations to clarify and define a clear vision,
purpose and impact. From leadership workshops to developing roadmaps to action,
we help kickstart understanding and position businesses and brands for future growth.

Andrew Mitchell

One foot in the
rainforest and
in the boardroom,
Mitchell is an
leader on natural capital

and environmental risk.

Andrew Mitchell is at the forefront of 
catalysing changes
to the world’s 
financial system, educating and 
economic decision makers
to implement sustainable 
strategies for the next generation. 
Futures is here to help
you imagine where you need to 
and to navigate a way to get there –
for all our 

“When we measure corporate performances, we don’t include our impacts on nature and what our business costs society. That has to stop.”

Pavan Sukhdev
President, WWF International
and CEO of GIST Advisory


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